Monday, November 12, 2012

Do someone a favor.

In the past few months I have had the opportunity to participate in some really great performances and other artistic endeavors.  Sometimes I just like to sit down and reflect on what led to me getting the call for that particular gig instead of someone else.  Often it comes from referrals from my teachers or fellow freelancers I have played with at some point or another.  But recently I have been realizing how much of my work has come from people or places that I have volunteered my services for over the last few years.  It is amazing to see how far doing someone a favor can go down the line.

I have always been a big believer in power of helping others.  We all need a favor at some point or another from a friend or colleague and I've been pretty into the idea of helping out anyone I can with anything.  It doesn't always come back around, but the fact that it sometimes does is enough for me.

Too many of us get caught up in this selfish attitude where they're only trying to help themselves out.  I think that is completely wrong.  We should all be actively helping each other get gigs and make connections in the world.  My best and most consistent freelance work has come from a subbing for someone I had never and still haven't met.  Agreeing to lend a hand at the last minute without expecting compensation eventually led to some of the most fulfilling and best musical experiences of my young music career.

We're all going to need help from someone at some point.  Be willing to volunteer your talents for others.  People are more likely to help you if you've helped them.


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